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ACLAV - Asociación de Clubes Liga Argentina de Voleibol


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Armoa: "This championship we saw it first" »

Fabián Armoa, the head coach of UPCN Voley Club talked about the championship obtained by his team after working with San Juan team during four seasons.


Pereyra: "This is a long series and UPCN deserves to be respected" »

Federico Pereyra makes a balance where the title holder has an advantage of 2-0 vs. UPCN. Aware that they can become champions again with two more victories and they play the next two matches at home he advises that it would be a mistake to celebrate before winning.


Javier Weber: ''Always what comes next is better'' »

Javier Weber celebrated a lot the qualification of his team, Drean Bolívar, for the fifth consecutive final series of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Men Teams Tarjeta Nativa Nación League. Now that the team overcame the hard semi-final fifth matches series, the coach already has his mind on what comes next, the final series vs. UPCN Voley.


The "Polish" ("Polaco") youth and entirety in SOS Villa María »

Cristian Poglajen was one of the best output statistics player of SOS Villa María. Behind this 21 years old player he dreams on being part of the Olympic Games, the National Men Team and a World Championship wearing the light blue - white jersey.


"To leave them out of the Final Series is a great motivation" »

Once becoming one of the best four teams of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Men Teams Tarjeta Nativa Nación League, Buenos Aires Unidos gets ready training hard for the first two host team vs. Drean Bolívar (title holder) on Thursday and Saturday. It is no doubt a "classical" Buenos Aires province match. Marcos Milincovic, one of the local team celebrity gave his feelings of a semi-final series that promises lots of excitement.

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