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News of Club Bell for the ACLAV A1 Women Teams League

Club Atlético y Biblioteca Bell of the city of Bell Ville (Córdoba) already started its first movements looking forward to its participation at the ACLAV Argentine A1 Women Teams League, season 2009/10 starting Dec. 5th, 2009, just exaclty a month after the Men's did.

2009-11-05 | FEM - Club Bell Voley

Under the coaching teamm of Enrique Méndez Paz (Head Coach), Pedro Ibarra (Assistant Coach), Juan Carlos Granado (Trainer / Therapist), Graciela Almirón (Stadistics) and Marcelo Rébola (Therapist), the team started training during the weekends (as all palyers are at the Universities outside the city) and with a daily individual working plan, waiting mid November, when the whole team will settle itself in the city to start training hard so as to arrive to the start of the ACLAV A1 Women Teams League the best possible shape.

The only representative of Córdoba Province in the League, as its authorities and coaching team mentioned, wants to keep most of the players that played the 2008/09 season adding some reinforcements to equal or even improve the outstanding great performance of that season, when the team of Bell Ville arrived to Semi-Finals losing against Banco Nación (champion) in a very leveled series and after defeating Boca, River and GELP among others) and with two players obtaining the best spiking award : Florencia Aguirre and the best digger award: Carolina Hartmann, added to the great support of its fans - that averaged about 1,000 people in each presentation of the team with some being lived watched by about 1,500.

Until now the team authorities have signed hiring contract with: Tania Acosta, Florencia and Victoria Aguirre, Antonela Curatola, Paz De Rossi, Romina Galliano, Virginia Granado, Julieta Granado, Carolina Hartmann, Estefanía Heimsath, Yamila Ponce and Ana Tossolini and there are still pending two more players from outside and the rest will be younger players from the same club.


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