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ACLAV - Asociación de Clubes Liga Argentina de Voleibol


ACLAV awards to the best of the 2010/11 in a luxury volleyball ceremony


The ACLAV Argentine Volleyball League Tarjeta Nativa Nación had its official closing of the 2010/11 season at Madison Hotel in the Tribeca Hotel were the best in the three competitions organized by the ACLAV received their awards. Gustavo Scholtis and José Sousa “Junior” were the best local and foreign MVP.

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Boca Juniors is the champion of the 2010/11 ACLAV A1 Women League »

Boca Juniors overcame Club Bell Voley 3-0 (25-11, 25-16, 25-15) and after three years of playing the final series and standing on the door, won for the first time the crown of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Women Teams League. Aylin Pereyra was the MVP of the final.



Boca Juniors could celebrate this Saturday its first championship defeating Club Bell »

In just a few hours, the ACLAV Argentine A1 Women Teams League could know its 2010/11 season new champion. Boca will play as host team at José María Gatica Stadium in Avellaneda and overcoming once more its rival, Club Bell Voley, they could become the new champions. It will be lived broadcasting at ACLAV official site:

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Organiza una liga oficial   FIVB que opera bajo la supervisión y reglas de FeVA

A1 MEN News


Closing ceremony with awards to the best teams and players »

This Monday at Tribeca Hotel at 7:00 pm will take place the usual yearly ceremony where the best teams and players of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Men Teams Tarjeta Nativa Nación League, the A1 Women Teams League and the A2 upgrading Men Teams League will receive their awards closing the 2010/11 season. Among those that will receive their awards will be the best foreign men MVP and the local MVP of the A1 Women and Men Teams.



Fabián Armoa, renewed with UPCN Voley Club for the next two years »

UPCN Voley head coach, Fabián Armoa, will go on coaching the team for the next two seasons after renewing his hiring contract with San Juan team. This shows the confidence in the process that Armoa started in the year 2007 and that will go on at least for the next two years.



UPCN Voley Club already signed with González, Junior, Molina and Peres Lopes for next League »

UPCN closed hiring contract with four players taking an important step towards maintaining most of the players that became champions for next season with San Juan team. UPCN already closed hiring conditions with the middle players Junior and Gustavo Molina, the wing spiker Rodrigo Peres Lopes and confirmed the setter Demián González (this last one already had one more season his playing relationship with the team but received offers from other teams).

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FEVA Development plan in the city of Mercedes, Corrientes »

In the city of Mercedes, Corrientes province took place, March 18th - 20th a concentration of players that belong to FeVA Development talented plan, with the assistant of 38 children of the whole province belonging to the U 14 and U 16 categories.



MSM Bella Vista will play next season at the A1 League »

The ACLAV announced that the third match of the Play-Out Series was called off between Instituto Dr. Carlos Pellegrini and MSM Bella Vista due to the lack of good conditions to play the match and therefore MSM Bella Vista will play next season at the best Argentine Men Teams competition.

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